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With potentially unlimited storage at your disposal there are few reasons to delete photos, but if you do there are a few things to know.

What it deletes, is the information IN the Gallery app regarding the pictures to form the albums.Fantastic.Thank you.Hours wasted on Google sites to find a solution no success.Recently, Google plus deleted my acct because I chose NOT to open a Pisca acct AND SYCHRONIZE BOTH ACCTS TOGETHER.The Google Photos apps—the mobile app and Desktop Uploader—have automatic duplicate detection to prevent storing.

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Hold tap first picture then after ones selected Tap rest as usual.

I signed into my google account to set up my daughters phone and to set parental controls and all of my google backup downloaded.See Turning Off Photo Backups on Google Drive to prevent duplicates in the future.It is where you can currently alter photo dates if they upload incorrectly, or change album covers.Use one of the following lenses to modify other fields as desired.

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I am a little late to the party but I tried his process but ended up with Auto Backup Album.You have been the only clear and complete step by step instructor.I get alerts every time I try to backup on this new phone that an IP in Houston, TX has tried to access my phone.

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You should see a confirmation pop-up asking if you really want to move the items to the trash.I feel like I will loose all my downloaded pictures and other photos.Even after deleting it and never granting it permissions, it still alerts me multiple times daily that I need to log in, so it can ask for permissions again.Once I have completed these steps will I still have my OWN PRIVATE access to my photos on my gallery and Google drive.Auto upload photos from your Mac or Windows computer, camera, or storage cards. Download.I want to keep the local copy, and ONLY the local copy, AND do all this using only my

Thanks for saving my life. Finally. Picasa albums removed. Thanks.I did have old pics from my previous phone synced to my current phone.Worked a treat.if they reappear after you sink again you have not done it right yet.I finally got rid of pictures in my gallery that had the Picasa logo onthem.Until I went to google and type in this question, no one at the T-Mobile store could help me.

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To delete a photo from Trash now, tap and hold its thumbnail and then tap the trash icon.How to get the LGBTQ Pride reaction on Facebook How to change your Google app Home or Work locations How to permanently delete pictures and videos from Google Photos What is a System on a Chip (SoC).

You have to log into the google plus website and delete the photos and albums there then when google syncs your phone the pics and albums are gone.Will it delete these photos too (because I do still want them on here).All kind of wifi nirroring, beaming filrs, 2 calanders, 2 calculatores, 4 possible emails.Google Photos is a new photo gallery from Google, made for the way you take photos today.Since a few weeks google photos started to say that can not delete photos from device, if I want to open the gallery.Found no Sync photos for Google, Picasa, only to sync 4 Gmail accounts.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Justin is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University where he studied marketing with a focus on digital marketing.Go to seettings in your gallery, there should be a switch next to something that says, Sync with WiFI only or something like that, turn the switch off.Best Sprint phones Best OnePlus 5 cases Best HTC U11 cases Best Verizon phones Best Android phones - June 2017 Best Huawei P10 and P10 Plus cases.

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