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Unless loud colors or bold patterns are the norm in your destination, consider sticking with conservative hues like navy, blue, tan and gray.

Here are the other general travel tips that our community. just like Lonely Planet,.A couple of days ago I listed 10 of the tools I find essential whenever I travel, along with a bunch of related tips.Travel Weddings. 19 Study Abroad Tips That Are Actually Helpful.

Plus, you risk having too much local currency left over at the end of your trip.This Free Phone Would Make Staying Connected While Traveling Much Easier.Instagram Update Makes It Easier Than Ever to Plan a Vacation.

Before you get out your suitcase, here are 10 things you may wish to leave in your closet as you pack for your next trip abroad.

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Scott Mayerowitz is an airlines reporter for the Associated Press.Carry a camera or smartphone that you can fit into your small bag.In Europe, cards have a chip embedded in them which—when paired with a PIN—are used for purchases.I paid in euros, using a credit card with no foreign transaction fees.Whether you are starting a job overseas, taking a package safari to Africa, volunteering in South America or.

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If you are traveling internationally, be sure to read my best travel tips.Here are 10 essential tips for successfully travel on your own.Register your travel with Yale and get information about health and safety abroad through Yale at the Yale and the World website.

Read Tips for first-time travel - from other travellers Skip to.Nothing screams tourist like a camera permanently hanging from your neck.I recently booked a ticket from southern Italy to northern Italy on Alitalia.

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Find out if you need a travel adapter or converter to use appliances or electronic devices abroad.

Inside Spain: Tips for Planning Travel to Spain - Before you visit Spain, visit TripAdvisor for the latest info and advice, written for travelers by travelers.There is an infinite amount of travel information, advice, tips and tricks,...

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Travel abroad website for millennium travellers focused on help guides and travel advice tips from around the world including the Middle East and Europe.

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Yes, even the most historic European neighborhood has a drugstore.Tips for seniors traveling abroad Be prepared for the unexpected.

In many parts of the world, sneakers are for sporting activities only.Tips on how to travel abroad: travel resources, money and banking abroad, how to book hotels at the best price and using local transportation without scams.Includes details on packing, planning, safety, travel tips, saving money, and more.If you want to learn how to travel the world or find the best traveling tips when you are.

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Go Overseas offers tips to students about how to travel while studying abroad.But many credit cards are now coming with chip and signature technology.

Baggy or ripped jeans are frowned upon in some cultures, and they may look disrespectful if you wear them into churches, mosques or other holy sites.Look put together, opting for classic, well-fitting clothing.

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See these volunteer abroad tips and articles from International Volunteer HQ to prepare for your volunteer abroad program.Since you may never know what certain images suggest in another country, avoid them to keep from offending anyone.This will help you avoid causing offense to locals or becoming a target to thieves.Visit to read up on common local gestures and taboos.

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