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Omg Thanks so much Kyle, I tried everything but followed your advice and it now works wirelessly.Somehow the DNS that is applicable when connected to the VPN was set as the default DNS address.Updated the driver for my Realtek WiFi Adapter locally and BAM.My wifi works normal but sometimes when i explore internet it stucks and doesnt load any page.

I do not need Bluetooth or Wireless. for some reason my husbands ipad air is showing up as a device and I cannot remove it.You may try to test if this issue persists in Safe Mode with Networking.I ran into this problem after I ran malware bytes and quarantined some viruses.I have a Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter but I switched to broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter version v6.30.223.102 and that worked first time.A couple days ago i noticed that my wireless internet had been running slower than usual, so i thought i would try resetting the the.I followed the steps above, the only thing i would add for clarity purpose, in network adapter, select Intel Dual Band Wireless and follow the above steps.

I forgot that it does not work offline, however it found the connectivity problem, a Winsock error, and fixed it.Bittorrent always work but browsers lose connection endlessly.I had the same problem today after the 8.1 update. What it turned out to be for me was to uninstall the Cisco VPN Client software.I also had this problem tried all the suggested fixes, and the update driver to older version worked.I found that in my situation, brand new Thinkpad, I had to go back to a old driver, and remove Nortan antivirus that came with the system.Disabling, wired and wireless network adapters, reboot, re enabling worked for me on a hp 2000 laptop when the win 8.1 upgrade killed all internet.

I had lenovo g5080 with windows 8.1. I figured out that tthis was due to a recent patch sent by microsoft then I restored my system to an earlier point and from then on my world changed for.Seems that this is a recurring issue because as I sit here and enter this post it is December 23, 2012 and some of these posts originated back in the summer.Guys i Had the exact same problem but do nont worry its so simple and none of the above methods really work tge one with opening device manager and all also the one with command prompt.Thanks,Great.It worked for me.My Acer windows8.1 started working.Thank you so much guys my wifi is working fine now after upgrading to Windows 8.1. And one more problem i faced was removing a network.Great posts guys, had the same problem but all drivers failed to fix the problem, finally had to completely uninstall the wifi network adapter completely and reinstall it.I went to the acer support site and downloaded the driver for Windows 8 Broadcom 802.11 WLAN to a flash drive and installed from there.

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It will have a full connection for a few minutes and then switch to limited until I unplug it and then it repeats.

My computer can connect to Internet but has a yellow triangle and it says no Internet access.Firstly i backed up all my drivers before updating windows 8 to 8.1.Being connected to a network is the key essential of modern day computing.The wired connection is fine and WiFi is also fine on ALL the other devices.

In my case it was the VirtualBox ver 4.3.8 Miniport driver that was the culprit.Wireless Network says No Internet Access. to my Wireless Network but have no Internet access.Windows showed he wireless connection as connected, which I suppose it was, but it could.I using Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit and I just updated it to SP1.Just came back from a customer, same Windows 8.1 limited connectivity with a PackardBell Laptop with a Broadcom adapter.

I have an ASUS Transformer T100 that runs windows 8.1. And its only a week and a half old.Guys, ever tried to just right-click the wifi-button and just click troubleshoot.There is two possible area to check if WiFi is showing Limited status.I also have a Lenovo Thinkpad and very recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 and had this same issue.

My wireless is connected but no internet access so please give the.But know i know the reason why it doesnt have network access so i tried kyle solution and it worked to me i say it again thank you so much u saved my life.


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